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behind that weathered door, i thought it would be safest

my head is dizzy now, i thought we’d overcome


Who I am
a b o u t m e

Ann. Female. Brisbane, Australia. Uni student. Big Old Scary Cat. Love dresses. Kinda Shy. Gets obsessive with the things she likes. Likes sushi. Likes too many bands. Dream teamer at heart. Obsessed with reading the Twilight series, The Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy series. Likes going out to movies. Likes going out to concerts.

What I love
t v s h o w s

Dawson's Creek. The O.C. Veronica Mars. Grey's Anatomy. House. Skins. Heroes. 90210. Gossip Girl. The Vampire Diaries. True Blood. The Big Bang Theory.

m u s i c

Rooney. Death Cab for Cutie. Snow Patrol. The Academy Is... Cobra Starship. The Cab. Paramore. We Are The In Crowd. All Time Low. VersaEmerge.

c e l e b r i t e s

Emily Browning. Gaspard Ulliel. Ben Barnes. Alex Pettyfer. Logan Lerman. Alexz Johnson. Ellen Page. Hannah Murray. Mia Wasikowska. Kristen Bell. Michelle Williams. Katie Holmes.

b o o k s

The Mortal Instruments. Vampire Academy series. Twilight saga. The Hunger Games trilogy. Evernight series. Sookie Stackhouse series. Night World series. Blue Bloods series. Morganville Vampires series. Fever series. Harry Potter series. House of Night series. The Mediator series. Succubus series. The Immortals series. Hush, Hush. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Fallen series. The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. Basically anything by Meg Cabot.
What I ship
b o o k s/ m o v i e s/ t v s h o w s/ r e a l l i f e

Jace and Clary. Dimitri and Rose. Susannah and Jesse. Edward and Bella. Dream!team. Shane and Claire. Peeta and Katniss. Lucas and Bianca. Michael and Mia. Christian and Lissa. Magnus and Alec. Isabelle and Simon. Jack and Schuyler. Patch and Nora. Percy and Annabeth. Luce and Daniel. Sam and Grace. Seth and Georgina. Barrons and Mac. Jamie and Landon. Allie and Noah. Pacey and Joey. Eric and Sookie. Veronica and Logan. Emily and Gaspard. Rachel and Ryan. Katie and Josh.

t h a n k s t o

profile code: palebird
layout code: velvetb0x

Places I mod are:

My Graphics:
a walk to remember, alex pettyfer, alice cullen, all time low, ashley greene, bands, banter, bella swan, ben barnes, bloodfever, boys like girls, capeside, cassie, city of ashes, city of bones, city of glass, clary fray, concerts, darkfever, dawson's creek, death cab for cutie, deathcab, dimitri belikov, dimitri/rose, dream team, dream!team, edward cullen, edward/bella, ellen page, emily browning, emmett cullen, emmett/bella, emmett/rosalie, eric northman, eric/sookie, evernight, faefever, fanforum, gaspard ulliel, gaspard/emily, george/izzie, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, hannah murray, harry potter, house of night, hush hush, icons, ipod, jace wayland, jace/clary, jackson rathbone, jasper hale, jasper/alice, jasper/bella, jen lindley, jesse de silva, jesse/suze, joey potter, joshua jackson, karen marie moning, katie holmes, kelly clarkson, kristen bell, landon and jamie, livejournal icons, lj smith, logan and veronica, logan lerman, lucas/bianca, mac/jericho, mandy moore, meg cabot, mia thermopolis, michael and mia, michael moscovitz, michelle and heath, michelle williams, mortal instruments, movies, night world, noah and allie, pacey and joey, pacey witter, panic at the disco, paramore, patch/nora, peeta/katniss, percy jackson, phantom planet, photoshop, princess diaries, queen of babble, repeat offender, richelle mead, robert pattinson, robert schwartzman, roleplaying, ron and hermione, rooney, rosalie hale, rose hathaway, rove live, ryan and rachel, sarcasm, seth and summer, seth cohen, sisterhood, skins, sleeping, snow patrol, stephenie meyer, steven strait, summer roberts, susannah simon, the academy is..., the big bang theory, the cab, the host, the hunger games, the mediator, the notebook, the o.c., the sims, the virgin suicides, travelling pants, trent ford, true blood, true love, tv, twilight, vampire academy, vampires, veronica mars, versaemerge, william beckett